Track goals impeded by COVID-19, players try to stay active

Early this February, track and field athletes have begun their pre-season practices, in preparation for their season ahead.

With new runners and a new coach this year, there has already been a few changes in coaching styles and experiences with the runners.

This year, the distance runners have been training with a new coach, Coach Coover.

Senior Joshua Medina has enjoyed the practices and dedication Coach Coover has to the team by stating, “I really enjoy him as a coach. Not only is he good at coaching us how to run and be successful, but he is also good at motivating us and helping us set the goals we want to achieve.”

Along with Medina, several of the runners are looking forward to what the season has to offer and what times they will be able to hit.

In her last year of track and field, senior Chloe Rosero aspires to have her best year yet, by not only having a successful season herself, but being able to help others along the way.

Rosero expresses her goals for this upcoming track season by stating, “My goals are to see my times go down with every meet, to have a faster kick off on the last stretch of the 400m sprint, and to help other team members feel more confident in running.”

With the recent news of plans to prevent the spread of COVID-19, all San Diego Unified School District Athletics are officially shut down with no practice, meetings, or contests allowed.

There will be more information that will come out at a later time in regards to CIF and the district plan, but as of now there is no contact allowed between athletes.

Because of this news, several athletes have to alter their practices, as they will not have the usual everyday equipment to further their training.

High jumpers, long jumpers, hurdlers, sprinters, distance runners, and throwers are now having to accommodate for this change as they wont have the sand pits, matts, hurdles, or the track to practice on and with.

Junior Nathan Knepple, along with several other athletes, are discovering that it is difficult to practice without others by stating, “It is challenging to try and motivate yourself to run for several miles without your teammates pushing you to hit your goal times.”

Several of the athletes are worried about hitting their goals for this season as they do not have the proper motivation from other athletes, however, hopefully they will find that incentive and continue to train diligently.