The wait is over for Animal Crossing fanatics

Animal Crossing is a legendary life simulator series made by Nintendo, and its 5th installment is set to release in just a few days.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has faced many challenges, like two delays and has been the longest wait for a new installment at 8 years since the last game released for the Nintendo 3DS. After a long and grueling wait, fans are beaming with excitement to venture to their own islands where they can meet villagers, build their homes from the ground up and customize both their character and their island making them their own.

In the previous installments of the series, players were limited to decorating only the interior of the players' homes, but with New Horizons players are able to flex their creative muscles by decorating all over the island and even shaping the terrain making each island truly a unique landscape. Fans have also expressed excitement on social media for the incredible leap in graphics, as released game content has shown a beautiful design.

Animal Crossing is known to be more of a niche series and definitely not for everyone. Senior Ethan Howard said, “This game [Animal Crossing] just isn't exciting to me, I don't get the hype over walking around doing nothing.”

Despite the niche audience that this game tries to gravitate towards, the fanbase of the game is truly one that is devoted and loyal fans that pour hours upon hours to the series. One of these fans is senior Daniel Sanchez. “I love Animal Crossing and I can't wait to devote my life to Tom Nook on the island,” said Sanchez.

The game isn't just all new features though; this is the first time we have seen a theme of having your very own island. No town to rely on, no buildings or a community already set for you, you have to build everything from the ground up. Players’ responsibility isn't just their own house this time around, as they pick and choose where you put every villager and can move anything from large buildings to rocks around.

Senior Aspyn Schoen says, “This new game mechanic is really exciting and i'm looking forward to it.”

The game is set to release soon, on March 20th, and is proving to me something to keep on your radar.