The Invisible Man takes hit at box office amid coronavirus pandemic

The Invisible Man is a horror and movie thriller that was released on February 28th. The movie idea existed since 2007 and has development starting in 2016 having Johnny Depp as the main protagonist but shortly failed due to his agenda and began again in 2019.

The movie follows a woman named Cecilia Kass rebuilding her life after breaking up with her wealthy abusive ex-boyfriend. She receives news about her ex-boyfriend committing suicide and starts to suspect that he is not actually dead, leading her belive that her sense of reality is inaccurate.

The Invisible Man slowly starts to torment Cecilia making her seem insane to everyone close she knows and breaking her friendships.

Senior Kailina Gonzalez says “I am excited to see the movie sometime from my friends recommending it to me. Only current issue is I probably will not be able to see the movie with the current issue of not going outside with the coronavirus.”

The Invisible Man is an above average movie that delivers what a horror movie is and creates a sense of mystery throughout the film.

As for the coronavirus impacting the whole world, most movie industries are currently struggling to sell tickets due to quarinte happening. According to the New York Times, cinemas will lose out on high profile movies from companies losing out on revenue.

Major studios like Disney, Sony, and Universal are stopping their current productions to help curve their sale impacts in the future.

From the rise of technology with video streaming services and more, the major group that goes to see movies are the older demographic. So studios mostly claim that they want to provide these movies to older people at a safer time since the coronavirus impacts them the most out of every age group.