Club Elevated stands against teen drug use

Club Elevated is a club that is against drugs and alcohol and plays a role, helping out the community and our school. Their main focus is fighting underage drinking also mental health and drugs spreading throughout the community of Tierra Santa.

They participated and created events at Serra an example would be like red ribbon week which helps promote to stop underage drugs and alcohol.

At Serra they help with our freshmen by holding an assembly that warns them about the danger of doing drugs and alcohol at their young age. While also putting up facts and advertisement posters all over the campus to join the club and be warned about the danger of drugs.

Club Elevated also goes on the news and does local events like sticker shock. Where students went inside of the primes market and put up stickers that they have created all over alcohol products to remind adults, they are not meant for minors.

Currently they are working on their spring event and will most likely talk about the issues of how dangerous vaping is.

Senior Justin Pendarvis, Co-President of the club stated “The club has helped me make a positive difference at my school and community.”

This club has helped build leadership skills and take action for the students in the club. While also improving their communication skills and helping one another while also informing the entire school about how to treat themself better.

They meet up on monday and thursdays at lunch in room 230 and discuss the plans on how to make their school a safer environment for the students.

Club Elevated is a club that helps every student and the community improve and spread awareness. They play an important job at making sure that everyone knows how bad these substances can affect minors. Their overall message is to help and inform all teens no matter who they are.