Biden pulls ahead in Super Tuesday primaries

On March 3, 2020, A total of fourteen states including California, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Massachusetts, Minnesota voted for the event of Super Tuesday presidential primaries.

All of the states were won by the two candidates, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden did remarkably better after getting momentum off of winning the South Carolina Primary on February 29, 2020, just before super Tuesday giving him a much-needed boost during the event. He also won the majority of the black supporter votes in that primary.

The results ended with Joe Biden winning most of the states, taking a huge delegate victory by winning both huge states such as Texas and a majority of smaller states. Specifically, Biden had a total of 898 and Sanders has a total of 745 delegates, with the majority of votes still to be cast this summer. Although Biden won a majority of the states, Sanders did win a crucial victory in California and states such as Colorado and Vermont, and he still has a chance to continue to face off with Biden as there are more states to go after this event. Other primaries are left to go with a large number of delegates that are crucial to win for the democratic nominee contenders.

The results of Super Tuesday prompted Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg, the remaining major campaigners to drop out after it became clear this primary had become a two-man race. Bloomberg offered his endorsement to Biden, while Warren has been reluctant to make an endorsement.

Senior Carlos Villatoro said, “I want Bernie to win but after super Tuesday, I honestly believe that Joe Biden has a greater chance of winning the overall nomination as super Tuesday is a huge indication of Biden receiving majority votes from now on.”

Senior Manuel Garcia says, “Biden might actually be able to take down Sanders after such results which is great for him after doing so poorly in earlier primaries.”

All in all, as of right now the nation should still stay in tune for the remaining primaries left as the remaining two still have a good chance of winning it all later within this year.