Badminton strives for playoff title

Serra High School’s underrated badminton team is achieving a lot of goals this year. With Serra crushing Patrick Henry last year, scoring a 9-8 win, the badminton team has come back better than ever. They continue to strive and become better with each and every practice.

Junior Peter Lee said, “My goal this year is to get into varsity,” adding, “I enjoy playing badminton because it’s like family. Everyone helps each other and cares for each other. We help each other improve both on the court and off the court. I’ve been playing this sport for 3 years.”

Sophomore Craig Crothers has a different goal. Crothers said, “My goal this year is to get a trophy and do better than I was before.” He added, “I’m really excited for the away games because we get to go see other schools as well as meet other badminton players that seems really fun”

Junior Julie Ha says “My goal this year is to be the best that I can be and make everyone around me proud.” Something that Ha was looking forward to was playoffs, a goal which may be complicated by recent district health measures. “I was looking forward to the CIF and having our team be the best in SD again but corona got to us.” She finished by saying “My friends and my hardships inspired me to play this year.”

The goal is for Serra’s Badminton team to reach the number one spot. There’s much work to be done, but by the looks of it, the team will continue to achieve its goals through hard work, grit, and dedication. The team seems to be doing great so with lots of practice, Serra’s Badminton Team can achieve their lofty goals.