"You" season 2 comes out on Netflix

On December 26th, 2019, Netflix added an anticipated second season to their hit original series, You. The first season came out in September of 2019, introducing the plot surrounding the infamous character, Joe Goldberg, and his even more infamous serial stalking tendencies. Returning audiences know of a prominent cast change in the new season, which seemed to bode generally well in reviews, and overall alluding to a whole different situation for the main character, Joe.

While the first season was certainly popular, the second season took on even more publicity over the internet, sparking a multitude of memes and dialogues. “I love the TikToks about You so much, they always jokingly show some “teenage” version of stalking and tie it back to Joe from the show,” says junior Kyla Gary. All of this talk led to a vast amount of views, and even a rotten tomato rating of 91%, only falling short 2% in its comparison to the first season.

While its quality is clear, the emotional response to the events unfolding in season two were quite varying. Junior Helenna Tran states, “I like this season so much better. The characters were so much more interesting. Only thing that made me mad was the ending.”

The ending of the new season has indeed been receiving some harsh backlash by audiences, and most of this is due in part to a feeling of dissatisfaction, as Tran explains. However, such an ending warrants the upcoming arrival of a season three, which has already been confirmed by the team of You.

But what makes the show so addictive overall? And why do audiences often feel such a connection for disastrous Joe Goldberg, stalker and murderer? Movie critic Roison O’Connor says it’s because, “Joe believes he’s a good guy. In several moments across the series, the audience believes it too.”

The show is crafted in a way to make the audience feel empathy for a man doing horrific things, and such structure keeps us all gripping the edge of our seats hoping to see what misdemeanors Joe will go through next. Luckily enough, all questions are likely to be answered in April of 2021, when season three is set to release.