Women's basketball look forward to playoffs, seek equality

Last year, Serra’s Women’s Basketball team made it all the way to state semi-finals, and continue to thrive as one of Serra’s strongest athletic teams. Along with Serra’s Girl’s Soccer team, the basketball has had to learn to adjust to a brand new coach. The adjustment is different, but coach Sáde Wiley-Gatewood has been welcomed by the team. Junior Leilani Phillips expressed her thoughts on the new coaching style, saying “Our new coach is great, I really like her way of coaching, it makes a lot of sense”. Sophomore Salma Youngblood also had to agree. “I liked the old coach, but our new coach is great because I’m able to look up to her and she’s more relatable.”

Coming back from last year’s defeat at CIFs, the team has been practicing harder than ever. Junior Nia Glen is excited and confident for playing for the championship. “We are planning to win. It was hard losing last year but we really want it now.” Serra’s Women’s Basketball team is currently ranked nineteenth out of 53 San Diego high schools, putting us in the top 35%.

Despite being such a strong team, the girls still feel the effect their gender has on their sport. “Our games are never as supported or promoted as the Men’s Basketball games. We aren’t recognized as athletic equals” said Glen, expressing her concern for the discriminatory issues Serra’s Women’s Basketball team faces. Regularly on ASB promotionally signs, the boy’s game is shown as the main event. Most attention is directed towards the boys game through spirit wear as well. “The boys are seen as ‘more athletic’ than us,” said Youngblood.

Regardless of the trials the Lady Q’s face, they are still powerful in the face of discrimination. As the season progresses, Serra is excited to see where the team will go.