Teacher of the month: Mr. Adams

Mr. Adams a sophomore and junior math teacher who has significantly touched the hearts of many students. Many students find Mr. Adams a good teacher and have different opinions on him. Mr. Adams has been teaching math for 10 years. Mr. Adams has an amazing personality and also wild personalities as well. He loves to make his students laugh and has a great way to make students smile and laugh and just have a good time in his class and enjoy math as much as they can.

Junior Chris Davis gives us some reasons why Mr. Adams is such a good teacher. Something that he likes about his class is that ”he doesn’t make us feel bad about ourselves.” He also finds Mr. Adams a “down to earth teacher where he’s chill and students can tell him everything.” One word to describe Mr. Adams would have to be amazing.

Junior Austin Earp gives me his honest opinion on Mr. Adams. Something that he likes about his class is “He understands his material and he gives homework and gives us 2 weeks and lets us work on it for 2 weeks.” One of Earp's favorite memories with Mr. Adams was when he gave him hot chocolate when it was cold. One word to describe Mr. Adams was chill.

Junior student Jennifer Aufiero tells me her opinion on what she thinks about Mr. Adams. Something that Jennifer likes about Mr. Adams class is “I can always talk to my friends and wouldn’t get in trouble for it. But of course I'll have to get things done. Also how he's always considerate about everyone and cares about them” A favorite memory with him was “He found a page on my notebook and made a few jokes about it so that was fun.” If she could honestly describe Mr. Adams it would be “nice, an intellectual, and funny”

Students find math annoying and hard to understand what is going on at that point but Mr. Adams knows what he’s doing and makes it easier for us to know what we’re doing. He also knows how to help students when they need it and actually explains the work to them so they know what they need to fix.