Spotlight on counselors Ms. Wright and Ms. Conrique

Many people don’t know the stress and amount of work school counselors really go through. We as students ask a lot from our counselors and we don’t always get our way which makes many upset and makes them look bad.

Counselor Cruzanne Conrique states “My job is to make sure student information is correct”. This means she has to review students' grades, attendance and when things don’t add up, it’s not an easy task to clear.

Counselor Yoshi Wright is the another counselor working along with Conrique. She says, “I keep track of maintaining and making sure kids school records are organized and complete. That includes transferring students who come in to Serra High or leave”. Wright also said things can get very complicated when any sort of mixup happens on students records.

Junior Karina Pereira said, “I remember talking to Ms. Conrique and Yoshi when I had a question which they didn’t know the answer but they were helpful enough to ask some of the other office people and get back to me quick which was super helpful.”

If a student asks a question, the counselors said they may not have the answer but they will help the student find it as fast as they can. During lunch time, when many students come in and need questions asked, Conrique or Wright are always there to help. They are always open to helping students and some have said they’ve been the most helpful out of other office workers.

Recently, Ms Conrique was promoted for a job and another school and will be leaving Serra very soon. Many students will miss her, but know she will do great work.