Golden Globes: celebration and controversy

The 2020 Golden Globes Awards were held on Sunday, January 5th 2020 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles. The ceremony aired on NBC at 8pm eastern, and was hosted by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. There was a lot of controversies in the ceremony, from speeches, to fashions.

The speech from the show host, Ricky Gervais, was filled with controversies, as he called out many people. He called the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (FPA) racist, and he made jokes about Apple having shops.

Then there’s the fashion choices of the show’s audience. There were definitely some mixed reviews from fans but mainly, Jennifer Lopez was said to be the “worst dressed” at the ceremony. There were many outfits but Jennifer had a long, green, golden, and white dress with a giant, golden bow in the front. Some people disagree with this being the worst look of the night, such as senior Shamya Wilson. “It’s a pretty decent dress, I’ve seen way worse.” Other celebrities said to be badly dressed are Zoë Kravitz, Karamo Brown, and Salma Hayek

The biggest win, though, was actor Joaquin Phoenix. Phoenix won best actor in a motion picture drama, and his role in the movie “Joker” was very moving for many people and that really showed after his win. Junior Lauren Keef has a very strong opinion on this win. "Joaquin deserves the award, he played such a deep role and captured the joker in such a different perspective it was beautiful, art if you will.”

Winning this award wasn’t the only thing Joaquin did at the ceremony. Phoenix is also the person to thank for the shows all vegan dinner. Phoenix confronts this topic in his speech, “First I would like to thank the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change, it’s a very bold move, making tonight plant-based” Many people say the menu is a great idea, while others went and got “non-vegan” foods after the ceremony.

Most large events will have controversies because there are so many people with different opinions. Overall, the Golden Globes seem to have been a success and had a great turnout.