Australian wildfires

Australia’s fires continue to grow as in 2019 the fires rose, but now the fire have been claiming acres of land from homeowners and farmers. According to NSW Rural Fire Service’s twitter New South Wales has been the sight of most of the fires.

The fires are roughly six times the size of our fires here in California according to Statista.

Junior Diego Robledo said “The fires are horrible and that other countries should help Australia currently.”

In the past Califorina has had many wildfires, but in this instance it relates more to families homes being destroyed, for example in 2007 with the Tierrasanta evacuating many of the inhabitants where the fires layed.

Some California firefighters are even volunteering in Australia. Still, with international help, chances of fires being put out quick are low. This is more prevalent in the first couple of months of the year where Santa Ana weather pops up quite often.

Junior Mason Pickartz said, “The fires seem horrendous, and I feel bad for anyone dealing with it and their losses right now.”

Though many humans lose their homes, so do the many indigenous animals that lived there, and many have died. Roughly 480 million animals have reportedly died with the number being estimated to rise to one billion according Vox, as the fires continue to move.

Many animals have moved inward where many of the citizens inhabit, though it had been raining reducing some of the burnt vegetation.Though as of January ninth the American firefighters had arrived with a cheering crowd.

According to NPR over one point five million acres of land had been consumed by the fires, but the smoke has been carried through the atmosphere. This smoke according to NASA had reached the lower atmosphere, and had gone all the way to Chile.

Australia has been helped by many charities, but one can argue that the Notre Dame Cathédrale received more support financially compared to Australia.

The fires grow wilder as the country grows drier, and the predicted time window for the flames lingers closer every day to the end. As well as an aftermath of hail and severe drawbacks to homeowner insurance.