Are "national days" stupid?

National days are “holidays” that only the United States participate in. There's typically more than one everyday of the year, but some are celebrated more than others.

These holidays consist of National Donut Day, National Girl Hug Boy day, National If Pets Had Thumbs Days, etc.

According to Tampa Bay Times, Marlo Anderson was the founder of National Day calendar. Ronald Reagan signed the Proclamation 5119 for National Ice Cream Day, National Frozen Food Day, and National Catfish Day.

Many of these days are created by companies to promote their items. Such as IHOP who invented National Pancake Day in 2006 and give out free short stacks of pancakes to raise money for charities.

Jack In The Box created National Drive-Thru Day in 2002 and set the day for July 24th after originally being set for July 28th.

Senior Timothy Zebroski believes that “these holidays are worth it because they're funny, cool and are not your typical holidays.” Zebroski stated that his favorite National Day is the one on his birthday.

Senior Angel Sanchez believes these days should continue as well. “These holidays are funny and are so random. My favorite is National Donut Day because Krsipy Kreme gives free donuts.” He's looking forward into the new year to redo his favorite National Days.

On the other hand, senior Bianca Fernandez believes otherwise “ National Days are just an excuse to post on social media, but she can see why people like them.” She has only participated in a few but does not remember which ones.

A numerous amount of people believe these holidays are official. Perhaps throughout the years there will be more new ones because of how much people like them.

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