Winter tryouts bring excitement and anxiety to prospective athletes

Girls and boys basketball and soccer tryouts began on Saturday, November 9, with the other winter sports tryouts to follow. A lot of excitement and anxiety has been built up among the students.

Returning players are thrilled to start their season again and to be able to play with their teammates and friends again. Incoming freshmen are anxious about tryouts and worried about making a team.

Although there has been a lot of talk about tryouts, Junior Ami Blanco, who tried out for soccer said, “There were a good bunch of girls who went to the 9th and 10th grade tryouts but only 12 went to the one for 11th and 12th graders.” This is making the athletes question how the teams will be. She added, “Everyone is super supportive and we have good sportsmanship as well, and I miss my coach from last year.”

Her previous coach, Lisa Garcia, was replaced by Coach Greg Allick as the women’s soccer JV coach this year.

Basketball tryouts were hosted the same day as soccer tryouts and Sophomore Salma Youngblood said, “I like the team and the new coaches are very good at explaining, and I’m very excited for this season this year.”.

Although there are new coaches and new athletes joining in and trying out, the season should be very exciting for all grades. As for the seniors, it is their last goodbye to their sport they love.

Other winter sports starting the week of November 9 include girls’ water polo, rugby, and wrestling.

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