Serra wrestling team prepares for successful upcoming season

As the new season for wrestling approaches for the 2019-2020 school year, many of the students who are joining either as a returning player or a new member are preparing for their first tournament.

There will be a total of 7 tournaments within the season. Numerous players are quite excited for the season to start as their first tournament will begin on December 7.

After having not so much of a great run last year, some of the players are still passionate and hopeful about their chances of success this year.

Junior Elias Cordero states, “ I am very excited to start wrestling again. We have a lot of people joining this year. My coaches had workouts with lifting weights and cardio, so far we’re conditioning right now and once the season starts we’re going to be conditioning alot up until the first season.” He added, “The thought that I can become better motivates me. In order to become better I practice, I watch videos about wrestling and I just try to get better, I just try to do my best.”

Since the wrestling team for Serra has a fresh start, players are getting ready in various ways. Senior Ethan Howard said, “We’re just gonna work out as much as we can before then and work on some technique. Usually we come in the room to warm up, workout, drill, and then we practice. Right now I am doing cross country and there's also wrestling workouts preseason.”

Although everyone is ready and feeling pumped to have a successful year, there are also a few key factors in order for that to happen. Senior Larwyn Reyles said, “This year I feel like the team needs to work more on technique, stamina, and endurance. Everyone is trying to do their best to get in shape and all that.”

Different players across the team are making an effort to have more of a successful year by being able to focus on some aspects that the team was struggling on in the previous school year.

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