Gemini Man pits Will Smith against himself

Gemini Man is about an assassin named Henry Brogan, a 51 year old planning to retire after his 72nd job. Just before he plans to retire, he is approached by an unknown person out to finish him that can seemingly predict his every move. Brogan soon finds out he has been tracked down by a younger, faster cloned version of himself.

Gemini Man premiered on October 11 and stars Will Smith twice as his older self and younger self. His younger self is possible with CGI making him seem young. This technology could be used in future films with favorite actors that have aged.

Senior Josh Harrlow says “I am excited to see the movie and see who wins and see if the age gap poses a problem in combat, or possibly with them both coming together in the end to stop the future of more cloning.”

Director Ang Lee mentions that a challenge arose with making the film strictly 120 frames per second, and by making it available in 3-D which took about 2 years. Unlike the standard frames per second in a film, which is typically 24, some powerful equipment was needed.

Senior David Tran says “Will Smith is one of my favorite actors and it is great to see his young side show in the media again. His old charisma still shows due to his fun personality.” Seeing Will Smith as his younger self again provides memories from his previous films he has done before such as MIB or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Senior Jonathan Vaquier Bautista says “Director Ang Lee did not stand up to his representation compared to his other past films considering the amount of work he put in”. A lot of fans seem to be disappointed by the film. They believe the plot is too cliche, with too much budget, despite the great actors involved. Some could say it was a waste.

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