Athlete of the month: Kyle Simpson

Serra High School has received a new addition to the football team from San Diego High, senior Kyle Simpson, who is Serrandipity’s athlete of the month for November.

Simpson was born and raised in San Diego, California with 4 siblings that he admires. He started playing football at the age of 4 and fell in love with the game ever since.

Simpson progresses each and everyday to better himself as well as making his family proud. “My goal is to get stronger and build up more speed,” Simpson said.

As a student athlete, he often finds himself struggling with procrastination because of the stress of both schoolwork and sports; but he always finds a way to pick himself up and strive to become an exceptional player.

Junior Mark Genevich, a Serra High football player said, “Kyle is an exceptional athlete and brings positive energy to the team.”

With the addition of Simpson, Serra’s football team hopes to win CIF championship. Head football coach Mr. Smith says, “Kyle is a star athlete and demonstrates amazing leadership skills on the field.”

Smith admires Simpson’s performance on the field and believes he is an “X factor”. While cheering for the football team, sophomore Nevaeh Paschall said, “When Kyle scores, the whole dog pound goes crazy.”

Simpson’s uplifting spirit as well as his inspiring performance skills, motivates his team and peers to grow together.

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