Trends of the year: VSCO girls

Among all of the applications that are available on cell phones, a prominent one that rose in popularity this year is the VSCO editing program. The app based on style, is used to edit the photos that people want to post on social media.

The meaning of the app however, has changed to take the shape of personalities of young teens across the country. The way in which these girls carry themselves, the way they dress, the manner in which they speak has been influenced by this app.

“I think people started thinking that style as unique” states Sophomore Alejandro Villa on the rising popularity of the VSCO trend throughout the year. He also credits the ever growing platform of TikTok as a factor of the development of the VSCO girl persona.

Scrunchies, oversized T-shirts, hydroflasks, and metal straws are some things that are used to define these people. An overgeneralization of people who own some of these objects tend to get in the way of defining who is and isn’t a VSCO girl.

“A VSCO girl is someone who pretends to be environmentally conscious, when in reality they could be doing more to benefit the environment.” Sophomore Alyssa Murray discusses about what defines someone who is labeled as this certain demographic.

Murray also sees the labeling of these individuals as misleading, as the VSCO label is a stereotype that most people don’t even acknowledge as a fallacy. The obnoxious environmental activists that the VSCO girls seem to be, was a misconstrued pretense that people have created for these individuals.

Although some of the assumptions made for VSCO girls may be hyperbolic, there is some truth to it. There are those who own hydroflasks, say “sksksksk” in class, and publicly announce their affinity for turtles. It’s important to acknowledge these people as individuals despite their common annoyance.

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