Trends of the year: Tiktok

TikTok, created September, 2016, has been an ongoing and an increasing social media trend since its release on app stores across the world. Here at Serra High School there are a variety of students that partake in TikTok, whether it be making the TikToks, or watching them for entertainment.

For many students it has created a world in which they can express themselves or just to have fun and share it.

Sophomore Emilio Rivera, is a very well-known person on the app. Rivera warns, “Don’t let the app get to your head, because it can mess you up.” Although he has become popular he hasn’t let TikTok influence him, and shares that no one should get influenced by it.

The media platform may seem all great but it has its downside that have been mentioned by a number of students. Senior Sophie Genevich claims, “Yeah, it's a great entertainment media, it’s just that there is now way of direct communication.”

TikTok’s popularity and interest continues to increase its community daily, and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

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