Trends of the year: Mario Kart mobile

Mario Kart is one of Nintendo’s most successful game series’ with fans across the world racing their way across Mario themed tracks. On September 25, Nintendo released an official statement saying that Mario Kart would be coming out to mobile devices in the near future, and the fans went crazy.

In the first week, the game was downloaded more than ninety million times; that gave Nintendo a new record for their mobile game being one of the biggest hits in such a short amount of time.

Junior Micah Armstrong was one of the many to get this app downloaded as soon as it came out. He states, “Everyone loves Mario Kart and always has so when we heard it was coming; everyone was hyped about it.”

In the first week, the game had many technical issues because so many were trying to play. Mario Kart has made around twelve million dollars so far, and the stats seem to be on the rise with the amount of adults and kids alike in love with it.

Freshman Brooklyn Turner was another to want this game. “Everyone knows Mario Kart is an iconic video game we have all played since kids and have basically grown up with, so being able to play this game was like a child hood comeback to a lot of us,” says Turner.

Many have continued to play this game and it’s been said to be very addicting, but was everyone really excited about this game? Junior Kristen Mistretta has a different opinion. Mistretta said “It was the best game growing up, but I don’t understand all the hype about it. I could never really get into the game because it didn't feel the same as the original, but no hate to everyone playing it.”

Many continue to play it in class today and get yelled at by teachers, the game is slowly starting to calm down but it is still being played every day by millions across the country.

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