The Haunted Hills: a spooky Tierrasanta tradition

For their fifth and final time this year, a local student and his friends have created a spooktacular haunted house, The Haunted Hills.

They have worked several years and many hours to create a thrilling and an exhilarating experience for the kids and adults in their neighborhood to enjoy.

Working together, they have not only made local kid’s Halloween, but they have also made a difference by donating locals contributions to The American Cancer Society.

Founder of The Haunted Hills, senior Cameron Britt expresses his gratitude towards his friends, by stating, ”I want to thank everyone who participated in making it possible for us to raise $6,000 for The American Cancer Society and everyone who came out to support!¨

Beginning in 8th grade, senior Anthony Yolles has helped with the haunted house for every year Britt has done it. Looking back at what they have accomplished, he said, “I have really enjoyed working at the haunted house! We have worked hard to create it and it is very rewarding when we get to scare kids.”

This year's haunted house surrounded the theme of the Jason movie, Friday the 13th. Embodying the second movie of the series, Britt and his friends created Camp Crystal Lake where Jason stalks and hunts his victims.

They built several scenes from the movie, including the shower scene, a cabin, and the campsite. Along with setting the scene, Britt also incorporated many scare techniques such as jump scares, faux tasers, loud noises and a drop panel, in order to get the greatest reactions.

Senior Alexis Roker experienced the frightening haunted house and had stated, “It was very exhilarating! With every turn I took a creature popped out and scared me. Overall I loved the people working at the haunted house because I knew all of them. This was my first time going and I was really impressed.”

Along with creating this thrilling experience, the haunted house members also held a night accepting donations for The American Cancer Society.

Due to popular demand, the Haunted Hills will reportedly continue at a different location.

This year’s final haunted house was the most successful and Cameron Britt and his friends thank everyone that came out and donated to this important cause.

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