Terminator: Dark Fate receives mixed reactions, doesn't live up to orginal

Terminator is a movie about a cybernetic organism that is being sent to the future by Skynet. These cyborgs are sent to go kill Sarah Connor, who is the mother of John Connor, the leader of the resistance against Skynet. Sent to protect Sarah from the terminator is Kyle Reese (soon to be father of John).

The new movie Terminator: Dark Fate is about a new modified terminator that arises in Mexico from the future to kill Dani Ramos who is a factory worker. Ramos is protected by a cyborg named Grace that the resistance sent. Senior Emmanuel Galvez states “I'm not really excited for this movie because all of the other movies have done good. Also the first two movies are the best and even the critics were predicting it was bad.”

IMDb currently rates the movie a 6.6./10, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it 71% which isn't really good for a brand new movie.

Dark Fate director Tim Miller, who worked on Deadpool, has a lot of weight on his shoulders since the past three movies of the franchise weren't so great.

Senior Jullian Montes stated “ I have high hopes because I really liked Deadpool. I think that the director is gonna be able to revive the series.”

Miller seems to be the highlight of attention along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who seem to be the reason why most fans want to see the movie. Senior Andres Ruiz says“I’m feeling neutral about the movie, I personally don't think that the actors can make the movie good. I also know that the new movie won’t be better than the first two since it starts off of the second terminator.”

The movie was still a huge success to the fans who wanted the same feeling as watching the first and second, while also giving a change of direction to the new style of movies that help it connect with new fans.

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