Teacher of the month: Mr. Caputo

Head into room 406 at lunch, and you will find Mr. Kacey Caputo training his Academic League team for the coming season.

Last year, the team was undefeated, making it all the way to the county quarterfinals. This year, Mr. Caputo wants to go to the finals.

This will be Serra’s 3rd year with an Academic League team, which was founded by Caputo in 2017, and has quickly grown to include over a dozen members, who compete with other schools by answering trivia questions ranging from history, math, science, literature, and even music.

“A friend of mine who teaches at another school suggested I start a team here, so I put and ad out and students showed up” explains Mr. Caputo. After a rough first season, the team would eventually come together and go on to be one of the best teams in San Diego country.

Outside of Academic League, Mr. Caputo teaches Government, Econ, and U.S. History to countless Juniors and Seniors, and runs the Serra High Cheese Club, which meets every other Friday to eat and discuss fine cheeses.

“Caputo is pretty cool,'' says Senior Ryan Pac, who has been with the Academic League team from the beginning. Junior Alex Cora concurs, “he is a great coach and a good teacher overall.”

In his eight years at Serra High, one aspect of Mr. Caputo’s job has stood out above all else, “I really enjoy my daily grievance, it’s probably my favorite part of my job,” he says, referring to his daily complaint about the world around him that he writes each day on the whiteboard by his classroom door.

Mr. Caputo’s exceptional commitment to teaching, his team, and Cheese Club is why he is Serra High School’s Teacher of the Month for November.

Academic League is always looking for new members, if you have lots of useless information in your head that does you no good in the classroom, you may find a place on the team. Practice is held nearly every lunch period in room 406, and is open for anyone to participate.

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