Students from afar transition to a new school, for some, a new country

Serra High School in 2019 is welcoming many new students from different parts of the world that include Italy, Russia, and Tennessee.

Senior Giulia Longo is a foreign exchange student from Sicily, Italy. “it was a new experience to get used too.” Longo described the differences of her school in Italy from Serra. Longo said, “In Italy we only have one class, at Serra there are multiple classes.”

It is hard for these foreign exchange students to adapt to a new setting and language. Here at Serra we have multiple foreign exchange students from all over the world. Another foreign student is Junior Timofei Fedorchenko from Voronezh, Russia. Fedorchenko described “Russia schools are way less class, you are also there longer.” The schools in Russia require you to wear uniforms. When Fedorchenko came to Serra he said “I felt so happy being able to pick out my own clothes in the morning for school.”

Another student making the change to Serra High School is senior Roman Gatica. Gatica states “the people here are very nice, and I have made a lot of new friends.” Gatica moved from the other side of the country in Tennessee here to San Diego. Gatica loves to socialize and can be seen running for the Serra cross country which has helped him fit in here at Serra.

We all know the feeling of being in a new setting with new people is hard to get used to. Here at Serra the staff want to make all students feel the same, so when foreign students arrive they welcome them like every other student. Counselor Perez-Ibarra said, “We get them a buddy for a day to show them around Serra so they feel welcomed to Serra.” Perez wants to make sure the new students feel like everyone else and enjoy their time at Serra. When it comes to the foreign students who know little English, they provide a translator if someone on campus knows the language. If they don't know English at all, they have the option to go to Hoover or Crawford that provides a program for foreign speakers.

Make sure you welcome all new students to Serra High School and make them feel as if they never left home.

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