Students conflicted about district-wide school start time changes

As of August 2020, Serra High School and the rest of SDUSD will be following the new late start schedule. The district’s theory is that starting at 8:30 A.M. will give students less stress and an easier sleeping schedule to follow, but many of us disagree. “I don’t like having to get out later, it’ll definitely affect homework during sports season. I’d rather leave here earlier than get here earlier,” said junior Matthew Demumbra.

Most athletics will be pushed back an extra hour, meaning many students won’t leave school until 6pm at night. “I’ll have to do homework later which will lead to less sleep. I’m usually really tired after practices and I have things to do when I get home outside of school,” explained sophomore Logan Brady, commenting on how badly his schedule will be changed next year.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll be waking up at the same time anyway to get a ride to school on my parents’ way to work,” said junior Nathan Pendarvis, who brings up the important point that several Serra students are able to meet the 7:30 bell now because it lines up with their parents’ work schedule. “I don’t know if the late start will help. Maybe it will help, maybe it won’t. We have a lot of concerns” said Principle Renfree, when asked about whether she thought there would be a possibility of future issues.

“Students are complaining, but it’s their fault for not getting to bed on time,” said Brady, explaining his view on why the changes were put in place. Despite any discrepancies student might have with their new schedule, the change is permanent, and we’ll just ”have to deal with it”.

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