School bathrooms in bad condition because of student activity

For years, many students have complained about the apparent lack of cleanliness in Serra’s main bathrooms, and are becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that there seems to be no initiative from the school to fix the problem.

Senior Ryan Pac puts it bluntly. “The bathrooms are garbage and so is the school,” he says, echoing the thoughts of many of his peers.

“I don’t understand how we’ve been given millions to construct a brand new building on campus, when the bathrooms still need to be tended to,” says senior Gretl Warmuth, “they are thirty years old and many toilets and sinks don't even work. It also doesn’t make sense why they should be closed all the time.”

The condition of the school bathrooms has somewhat improved in recent times however with the growing popularity of flavored vaping devices. Now the stalls are filled with a pleasant fruity aroma that distracts from the usual overwhelming stench of urine and feces. It says something that the nicotine addicts of Serra are doing more to improve the quality of the bathrooms than the administration.

If you want to take part in making the school bathrooms better for the rest of the school, here are a few helpful tips:

1: Don’t urinate on the wall. This should go without saying but apparently people need to be reminded of this. It is stressful to accidentally step in a puddle and be unsure of where it came from.

2: Flush the toilet. Unflushed toilets emit a stench that can be smelled from outside the room. Don’t be that person.

3: Don’t put foreign objects in the toilets. On separate occasions I have found wallets and Juul pods inside urinals, last week I found a toilet that for some reason was filled with human hair. This is very off putting.

4: Don’t bring food into the bathroom. I don't understand why someone would do this, but last week I found a quesadilla in a sink. Another time I found the mirrors to be covered in what appeared to be baked beans. Eat your food and dont leave it everywhere.

5: Don’t break things. According to Dr. Renfree, frequent vandalism is the reason may of the bathrooms need to be closed so often. If you want the bathrooms to be able to be conveniently used by all students, don’t shatter mirrors or cover the stall doors with obscene words and swastikas.

Although it may be difficult, adherence to these simple rules will greatly improve Serra’s campus and make it a better place for all students.