Real talk with Renfree

Dr. Renfree has big plans for Serra High School in the coming years.

A plan students can currently see on campus is the construction site for the new science and math buildings going up in front of the gym. Renfree states “the building will be ready for use in a years time.” She also said that she has construction plans for the upcoming five years to build sites such as a gym, a theatre, and renovations to the stadium.

Junior Matthew Cabrera is not all in favor of having stadium upgrades during his senior year because it will prevent Serra from hosting home games. Cabrera argues that he “Enjoys playing in front of friends and family, and it being senior year I would like to play at my home field.”

Many students can be heard complaining about the new fence that surrounds the campus but what they may not know is that people who do not work for or attend Serra are spotted roaming campus on a daily occasion. When explaining the reason behind the new fence Renfree explained “The security fence acts as a deterrent. People would walk onto campus in previous years, however, they will not be able to this year.”

One big change coming to all California schools next year will be the time change to an 8 o’clock start time. Junior Kaitlyn Monroe does not like the start time because “I play a sport and it will ruin my schedule so that I have less time for homework.” With the change to a later start time, Serra High School is also looking into incorporating a zero period.

In previous years Serra offered an after school program called ARC and many students wondered why it mysteriously disappeared this year. The funding for the ARC program dramatically dropped this year forcing half the schools with the ARC program to drop the program altogether only leaving the biggest ARC programs left in select schools. As Serra’s program was not among the top programs it was taken away from the school.

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