President Trump facing possible impeachment for Ukraine scandal

In the past there have only been two past presidents to be impeached. Andrew Johnson, and Bill Clinton. Johnson was impeached for his abuse of power, vetoing every legislative attempt on reformation, and Clinton was impeached for grand perjury, and obstruction of Justice.

A new trial has showed face, as Donald Trump may become the newest case in the history of presidential impeachments. Trump has become the accused of a whistleblower case, in which someone who works within the same confines as the Commander in Chief, has come out on some treacherous acts he may have committed.

Trump put Ukranian leader Volodymyr Zelensky in a tough position, as Trump decided to withhold a weapons package to help aid Ukraine in their position of war. Trump did this in an attempt to get some information on Joseph Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who is a part of a Ukrainian gas company.

This case has prompted Trump to be tried for multiple causes in the running of his presidency. “Obstruction of justice”, “Violation of foreign emoluments clause”, “Violation of the domestic emoluments clause”, “Undermining the independence of the federal judiciary”, and “Undermining the freedom of the press”.

“I don’t think they would go as far as to remove him from office” comments Sophomore Daniel Jackson.

Removal takes a vote from both legislative houses in order to get a trial, and even then the sentencing must still take place.

Even if a trial were to begin, there are concerns that Trump wouldn’t be convicted. “Think about it, it’s Donald Trump. Everything goes his way” states Senior Joshua Martinez. It most definitely would be a process to not only try Trump for all of the accusations, but to actually be able to convict him of anything would be questionable, as he may live his term fully before any conclusions are made.

The past has shown that it is a remedial process that takes many trials to actually conclude the act of impeachment. The decision that will be made for the case of Donald Trump, will go down in history as one of the few controversial cases in the history of American presidencies despite any decision made by federal legislature.

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