Off-campus stickers are an outdated method for college class attendance

Stickers to leave the Serra campus were delivered to all students with either college classes or assigned time home to be able to leave campus during their assigned free period. However, the administration is making it mandatory to also sign in and out of the office before exiting campus.

The stickers given to the students are placed on the back of their Serra ID cards include one’s name, student ID number, and which period the college classes have been assigned.

The stickers were implemented so faculty would be able to know who is able to leave campus during each period. The problem occurs when the front office also added a sign in and out sheet which negates the purpose of having a sticker if you have to write down when you are leaving.

Junior Reed Paulson who takes a college health class during fifth period, argues, “The system with the sign in and out sheet makes little purpose of the sticker on your card.” With the sign in sheet being in place, faculty can already check if students are in a college class so the sticker begins to have little purpose.

Since periods are only about 50 minutes long, there is not much time to be able to leave campus. The design of the sign in sheet limits the time given since students are obligated to walk into the office, wait in line to sign out, and then again when returning back to school. If the front office were to use the stickers on the back of the I.D. card, there would be less time constraint when entering and leaving campus. Junior Kylee Cochran states, “The stickers for leaving campus are unnecessary because we already have sign in and out sheets. They only create more of a hassle for both staff and students.”

In theory, giving students stickers to leave campus was a good idea by the front office. However, if they were not going to change to using stickers only, giving them out in the first place was useless. Junior Kelsea Warren believes, “Leaving the campus would be made much easier if faculty would just look at the stickers.”

The front office needs to come up with a quicker method of signing kids in and out of school so that they can enjoy their free period on days off.

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