New school lunch menu brings wider variety of food choices, students indifferent

School lunches are one of the most controversial topics a student can talk about. Bringing up such a topic often marks the beginning of a relentless, violent battle between two warring sides- those who love and support school lunches unconditionally, and those who desire quality nutrition in their afternoon.

It is no question that the level of nutrition that has historically been provided to students in America is not up to par with what health-conscious parents, and even children, would like to see. However, recently the district has made vast changes to their menus in hopes of finally achieving the middle ground so many students and parents have longed for.

The new menu has brought with it more healthy, balanced meal options including things like an updated salad selection and an additional vegetarian pasta choice.

These changes have been welcomed by the students of Serra High, whose lunch quality seems to now be at its peak. “It’s pretty cool, I just ate my first thing of broccoli yesterday,” said junior Fox Umber.

Not everyone has been so pleased with the changes. “The new lunches are okay,” says junior Tyler Hemingway. “I just wish they added something a little different. Maybe shark fin soup?” He pondered.

Another student who was opposed to the new menu is junior Owen Solano, who claimed that new options wouldn’t support his diet. “As a carnivorous child myself, I gotta say the new menu doesn’t contain nearly enough meat for my sustenance.”

A valid complaint, although the school’s population of “carnivorous children” is likely not large enough to merit another menu update anytime soon.

For the students who are still unhappy with the options given, they should know that the menu’s current state is in no way San Diego Unified’s definitive spread- it will undoubtedly be subject to change over the years, so these people should maintain hope for a more inclusive lunchtime experience.

Not without its flaws, the new lunch menu largely succeeds in its attempt to balance containing appealing foods with apt nutritional value.

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