Get to know English teacher Mr. Reyes

Serra High School has countless amount of members in their staff. The staff members include from principles to counselors to teachers and various more.

Teachers are what complete any school. Without teachers it would not even be considered a school.

It is hard to imagine how empty any school campus would look without the teachers presence.

Teachers are the leaders of the new incoming generations. All teachers around the globe deserve more.

Teachers deserve respect, appreciation and acknowledgement than they receive from students and other staff members.

There are various teachers who teach different subjects and classes.

Various teachers on Serra’s campus have great teaching skills. Having great teaching skills is not the only quality needed to be considered a great teacher.

Sometimes it may take more than this great quality. It consists of having a great, outgoing personality, and a solid bond with students.

An outstanding example of a teacher containing amazing qualities like having great teaching methods along with an outgoing personality, and a solid bond with students; is Mr. Reyes.

Mr. Reyes is an English teacher who graduated from San Diego State University.

He became an official teacher in 2013. Mr. Reyes would not become a Serra teacher until the school year of 2017-2018.

This new school year, Mr. Reyes is teaching ERWC and Honors American Literature. All of Mr. Reyes classes strictly contain seniors and juniors.

Reyes said, ”My favorite thing about being a teacher is interacting with students on a daily basis because students are interesting.”

Senior Alex Gonzalez, a student in Reyes’ class, said, “I enjoy my english class this school year”.

Mr. Reyes is more than just one of the multiple great teachers on Serra’s campus by not only be passionate about being a teacher but also being an important role model to his young students by teaching his students relevant information like current ongoing dilemmas around the globe.

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