Friday Mob takes the student body by storm

Walking past the boys bathroom during lunch on a Friday, it isn’t uncommon to hear the booming uproar of Serra’s male student body.

Recently, in an effort to make this school year a memorable one, students at Serra have united into compact spaces, one of them being the Media center bathroom, to manifest their voices as one.

As the walls begin to rumble, the mobbers file in, one by one, and massive crowds rally outside to watch the students assert their dominance and passion for the uproar.

The eruption of this new tradition at Serra has been a fun way for students to unite and mob together. Senior Harrison Hess explains how “The Friday mob just started as a joke between my friend Luke and I… we realized this was a good idea and made it into a weekly thing.”

Despite facing some difficulty with continuing the mob in its traditional restroom location, mobbers have migrated and united into other places all throughout campus, including the 400 building, where a basketball dunk contest was held, famously gaining a lot of popularity through social media.

Though these weekly gatherings have been spaced out all around campus, and are open for any student to join, Hess said, “The classic bathroom mob will remain the best.”

From students rushing to claim their spot in the hallway to the hundreds of hefty voices filling the walls of the restroom, surely, the Friday Mob is hard to miss.

The weekly occurrences at lunch have joined Serra’s student body together, and have been a fun way for students of all grade levels to end each week.

Senior Bryan Tran explains that the mob is great because it’s “Cool to be with friends and get hyped.”, expressing that the gathering brings “Students from all grades together to have a fun time and really embrace the Serra spirit.”.

As many students hope, the mob will continue to be a fun tradition, for years to come. Senior Cameron Britt expresses that he enjoys participating in the mob because, “It is by the students, for the students,” emphasizing his own hope that “this legacy will continue to live on.”

Through the power of the Serra student body, what once began as a joke, has made itself into a lively event that many students look forward to at the end of each week. May the legacy of the mob live on!