Doctor Sleep opens to anxious fans of The Shining: will it deliver?

In the modern day slew of Stephen King adaptations, yet another film will join the growing list. On November 8, the horror movie Doctor Sleep will hit theaters. The film will follow the events that transpire in King’s book of the same name, which is the sequel to his popular release, The Shining, published in 1977.

Audiences will follow Dan Torrance as an adult, no longer the victimized child he was in The Shining. Although he hopes for a peaceful life, the consequences from his childhood unfold into a series of unfortunate events, roping him into helping a young girl with the same mysterious powers as his own.

Creating the movie Doctor Sleep introduced a difficult situation: would it take place in the world of the 1980’s movie The Shining, directed by Stanley Kubrick, or rather King’s written version? The answer is both. Producer Trevor Macy comments on the contrasts that must be accounted for, saying, “...Our job is to thread the needle and take the best DNA from both (the adaptations) and hopefully bring that to the audience today in a fun, engaging way.”

The team claims they will implement aspects from both works such as specific instances and plot points.

“I loved The Shining,” says freshman Venassa Orlina-Mincey. “If it’s anything like that, I’ll probably watch Doctor Sleep.”

The Shining is widely known for Stanley Kubrick’s work in bringing the film to life. Doctor Sleep, however, will be directed by Mike Flanagan, who is greatly recognized for his works in horror such as The Haunting of Hill House and Hush.

Flanagan acknowledges the admiration for the precursive adaptations, yet claims he will bring a new perspective. “...the aesthetic of [Doctor Sleep]... how we’re going to treat the material is the only way I think we can, we can walk away from this happy it’s clearly my movie,” Flanagan says when explaining the perilousness of copying Kubrick’s style.

When asked to comment on her expectations for the movie, junior Nyah Clovis says, “I think it has a lot to live up to. The Shining was such a cinematographic masterpiece that I don’t know how they can top it.”

Despite hesitant audiences, Doctor Sleep is expecting a box office grossing of $20 million and $30 million on its opening weekend and has a rating of 82% rotten tomatoes, attributing to the potential it exhibits.

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