College professors well-received by Serra students

Serra High School has hired college professors from Miramar College to come to campus multiple times a week in order to teach their course at Serra.

These courses are disparate from AP or Honors classes, however, largely due to the teaching styles of the professors.

Senior Alyssa Jackson stated that the college professors who teach courses at Serra have classes that are “definitely more laid back than AP or advanced classes at Serra because it’s all on your own,” opposed to the strict timelines that are assigned by AP or Honors teachers.

This laid back style of teaching is beneficial for high school students. According to senior Gretl Warmuth, the professors that come to Serra allow students to “get a feel for what college classes are going to be like instead of just being blindly thrown into college and having to figure it all out at once.”

The autonomy that students will face in college is significantly different from the experience they gain throughout high school.

They will be accountable for meeting with their professors and completing their assignments on their own timeline. English 101 professor Mr. Bryan McCulley said, “I think it’s beneficial for the students especially to get an idea about what to expect for the next few years as well as to get some credits under their belt before they actually get to college.”

College courses offered at Serra provide students with the opportunity to experience the course-load and autonomy of college classes before actually attending a university.

However, having college professors come to Serra’s campus to teach also provides the professors themselves with the opportunity to teach in a different environment with a different demographic.

Regarding the distinction between teaching at a high school and teaching at a college campus, McCulley stated, “The difference is mainly administrative; dealing with Serra’s administration is not really something we deal with at the colleges. As for the students, I actually see a lot of maturity at the high school level. Sometimes it can get a little out of hand, but for the most part, students know what they’re there for, and you can definitely see it in their work.”

Having college professors teach at Serra provides valuable experience for students and professors alike, and ultimately allows them to encounter a different overall environment from what they are used to, without stepping too far from their comfort zones.

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