California bans electronic-cigarette devices following health scares

Flavored nicotine, as well as all electronic-cigarette devices, were recently banned in the state of California.

Junior Addy Rodriguez has a very strong opinion on the flavored nicotine ban. She said, “I have never been one to support vaping but also never one to judge, but I think that banning these flavors will help out teens’ health in ways they can’t see.”

The ban will not only be for flavored devices, but all e-cig devices. This comes after a solid 25 confirmed probable cases of adverse health effects from vaping.

Senior Josh Decesare is one of many to agree with this new ban. Decesare stated “It’s crazy seeing and hearing about deaths and teens hospitalized for vaping. It accelerated so quick which still hasn’t been enough for teens to realize, so I think this ban will help and put a stop to it.”

After conclusive research, after professionals tried and tried to get the news out that vaping is bad for our bodies, people, especially young people, continued on with it. A dramatic change to try and help has been placed on counties and states, but are teens being blamed and affected for this when the companies should be the ones affected?

Valeria Rivera, a senior believes there is someone to blame for this. Rivera stated “Of course I think this ban will be good, but the more you dig into this situation, the truth of it is, as teens we are attracted to doing things we can’t do.” She also stated “Of course vaping is something we have control of but the more we see it the more we think we should be doing it too.” As well as that she claimed “We end up with the effects and getting in trouble when these vaing companies know teens are their biggest market and still, they continue to manipulate something that is harmful enough to cause death.” Rivera says she is glad this ban is happening and hopefully vaping companies will go down one by one.

After more research I found that this ban is only one yearly long. It is basically a temporary ban to see if nicotine is really the reason for teen deaths and in general more causes for lung diseases.

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