AP test registration moves months earlier than past years

Serra High School students that are currently taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes were promoted and encouraged to sign-up and pay for the exams that are held in the month of March.

The new deadline for payment was moved up several months from its date in past years. This was a change made nationwide by the College Board, the organization responsible for the AP program.

Since the payment was due before the 1st of November it was highly and extremely notified to each class about the payment and its deadline. Junior Kennedy Harvey believed that the deadline seemed appropriate and that the announcements were made very clear. “It is perfect timing for the payment to be made!” Harvey said. She continued, “This way students are influenced to pay because of how they are doing in class as if it were later in the year.”

Mrs. Skinner, counselor for the class of 2023, is also the coordinator for the whole AP payment procedure. “You guys only have until November 1st for the deadline don’t wait until the very end,” Skinner announced on a near-daily basis. Starting mid-September up until the end of November, Skinner would walk to every AP class there was on campus to make the announcement in person. “If you need help with signing up, the fee waiver, or paying please swing by my office,” Skinner told the students.

The AP exam sign-up included a payment. This payment varied by the student and their family income. The advantage was that there would be students whose exams would be fee waived. The regular cost per exam had the sum of $94. Junior Kaitlyn Monroe said, “I had to pay the whole exam. I don’t think that it was fair to make two distinct payments, I believe that it is better to just have one.” The payment itself is a controversial topic and will likely continue to be.

The AP exam payment was clearly announced and was talked about. It had a comprehensible deadline, if that deadline was moved months earlier in the year. Now we can just wish those test-takers, “Good luck”.

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