The Invisible Man is a horror and movie thriller that was released on February 28th. The movie idea existed since 2007 and has development starting in 2016 having Johnny Depp as the main protagonist but shortly failed due to his agenda and began again in 2019. 

     The movie follows a woman named Cecilia Kass rebuilding her life after breaking up with her wealthy abusive ex-boyfriend. She receives...

     Daylight savings time is when we set our clocks an hour forward so that during the summer, the days are longer. Daylight savings time was implemented to save energy and the law passed Congress in the year 1918.

     This begins every spring and ends every fall. There are two common terms to help people remember when it ends or begins. They are known as “spring forward” and “fall back.”...

     Friday may have been Serra students’ last day of school in the 2019-2020 year.

     California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday, March 17, that schools may not reopen until the following school year amid the global COVID-19 crisis that prompted SDUSD to close schools for at least three weeks beginning March 16.

     As of March 18, there are 60 cases of COVID-19, the disease...

     National days are “holidays” that only the United States participate in. There's typically more than one everyday of the year, but some are celebrated more than others. 

     These holidays consist of National Donut Day, National Girl Hug Boy day, National If Pets Had Thumbs Days, etc.

    According to Tampa Bay Times, Marlo Anderson was the founder of National Day calendar. Rona...

     Gemini Man is about an assassin named Henry Brogan, a 51 year old planning to retire after his 72nd job. Just before he plans to retire, he is approached by an unknown person out to finish him that can seemingly predict his every move. Brogan soon finds out he has been tracked down by a younger, faster cloned version of himself. 

     Gemini Man premiered on October 11 and stars Will Smith twice as...

November 21, 2019

     Terminator is a movie about a cybernetic organism that is being sent to the future by Skynet. These cyborgs are sent to go kill Sarah Connor, who is the mother of John Connor, the leader of the resistance against Skynet. Sent to protect Sarah from the terminator is Kyle Reese (soon to be father of John). 

     The new movie Terminator: Dark Fate is about a new modified terminator that arises in Mex...

     The hardest decision towards the end of a high school career: community college or a four-year university? Many students feel a lot of pressure to decide what fits their needs best. 

     Years ago, community colleges were looked down upon while four-year universities were seen as the only way to go. 

     Recently, many students have attended both a community college a...

November 21, 2019

     College applications are due soon. When the first round of decisions comes this winter, high school seniors will find themselves filled with joy or disappointment.

     Most students have internalized the notion that the singular decisions, isolated successes and failures we have now, will make or break our future.

     In reality, 80 percent of undergraduates change their major at le...

November 21, 2019

     School lunches are one of the most controversial topics a student can talk about. Bringing up such a topic often marks the beginning of a relentless, violent battle between two warring sides- those who love and support school lunches unconditionally, and those who desire quality nutrition in their afternoon.

      It is no question that the level of nutrition that has historically been provided to stude...

     For years, many students have complained about the apparent lack of cleanliness in Serra’s main bathrooms, and are becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that there seems to be no initiative from the school to fix the problem.

     Senior Ryan Pac puts it bluntly. “The bathrooms are garbage and so is the school,” he says, echoing the thoughts of many of his peers.

     “I don’...

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A Word From the Editor: On COVID-19

March 18, 2020

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